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Looking for a smarter way to keep your pool clean? Look no further than The VRX iQ+ robotic cleaner is the ultimate cleaning solution for your pool. With its SMART Cycle functionality, this cleaner learns your pool to provide the most efficient cleaning solution possible. And with easy lift removal, an easy-clean filter canister, and a tangle-reducing swivel cord, maintenance is a breeze. Add in the app-controlled features and custom scheduling, and the VRX iQ+ is the ultimate solution for a brilliantly clean pool.

Here are some key features and benefits of the VRX iQ+ robotic cleaner:

  • Easy Lift Removal System: With the touch of a button, the VRX iQ+ meets you at the waterline for easy removal. As you take it out, all the water evacuates for lightweight removal.
  • Easy-Clean Filter Canister: The filter canister conveniently stores debris and is easy to remove and clean. Just a few shakes and a spray away from clean.
  • Premium Caddy: The VRX iQ+ comes with a premium caddy for easy storage and transportation.
  • Tangle-Reducing Swivel: The VRX iQ+ has a tangle-reducing swivel that helps prevent cable tangling, ensuring that it can reach every corner of your pool.
  • SMART Cycle: The VRX iQ+ has a SMART Cycle functionality that learns your pool and calculates the most efficient amount of time to eliminate debris. It collects data and makes automatic adjustments as it cleans, providing a customized cleaning solution for your pool.
  • Custom Cleaning Modes: The VRX iQ+ offers multiple cleaning modes, including SMART Cycle, Quick Clean, Deep Clean, Waterline Only, and Custom Modes.
  • In-App Control: The VRX iQ+ is app-controlled, allowing you to monitor the cleaning status, check the water temperature, and even spot-clean targeted areas of your pool.
  • Easy to Use: With its easy-to-use interface and customizable cleaning options, the VRX iQ+ makes pool cleaning a breeze.

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Anne - Oakville


Brent and his team did an amazing job with our new pool! We have wanted a pool for a while but weren't sure if a plunge pool (smaller size) would make sense in our small yard. Brent and his team came over and talked it through with us and came up with a plan that worked out better than we could have imagined. Communication throughout the process was great and we would highly recommend!

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