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If you own a spa, you know that maintaining its clarity and cleanliness can be a challenging task. One of the most frustrating issues spa owners face is metal staining, which can occur when trace amounts of metals like iron and copper build up in the water. Not only is staining unsightly, but it can also be tough to remove. Fortunately, METAL ZERO 1L is a highly effective solution that can help you avoid metal staining and keep your spa looking great.

Here are some key Features of METAL ZERO 1L:

  • Neutralizes iron, copper, and other trace metals that can affect the clarity and appearance of your spa water.
  • Will not add phosphates to spa water, unlike many other stain and scale products.
  • Compatible with most sanitizing systems and all spa surfaces.

Directions for Use

  • Initial Dose: Add 1 capful (4oz) per 400 gallons directly to spa water evenly around the edge immediately after initial fill and after each drain and refill.
  • Weekly Maintenance Dose: Add 1oz per 400 gallons (one quarter of the large cap) weekly directly to spa water evenly around the edge.

Important Information

  • METAL ZERO 1L is designed for use in properly balanced spa water. Do not exceed the recommended dose.
  • Do not use Spa Metal Free with biguanides.
  • Cationic polymers used in many clarifiers, flocculants, and polyquat algaecides should not be dosed to swimming pool water at the same time as metal control products. Wait 24 hours between additions.
  • Cloudy water, precipitation, and reduced product effectiveness may result if you do not follow these guidelines.

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