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Maintaining proper water chemistry is crucial for anyone who owns a swimming pool. Among the essential aspects is the total alkalinity, which measures the water's capacity to neutralize acids and maintain the right pH balance. Alka Plus Buffer 8KG is a potent product that can increase the total alkalinity of your pool water. It acts as a pH buffer, preventing sudden changes in pH levels. This product is conveniently packaged in an 8KG size that is easy to handle and store, making it an ideal solution for pool owners who want to keep their water chemistry in check.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of using Alka Plus Buffer 8KG:

  • Total alkalinity control: Alka Plus Buffer is specifically formulated to raise the total alkalinity of your pool water. By increasing the water's alkalinity, the product helps stabilize the pH level and prevent sudden changes that can be harmful to swimmers.
  • PH buffer: Alka Plus Buffer acts as a pH buffer that helps maintain the water's pH level within the ideal range of 7.2 to 7.8. This ensures that the pool water is safe and comfortable for swimmers.
  • Easy to use: Alka Plus Buffer is easy to use, even for pool owners who are new to pool maintenance. Simply add the recommended amount of the product to your pool water, and it will quickly raise the total alkalinity and stabilize the pH level.
High-quality product: Alka Plus Buffer is a high-quality product that is manufactured to the highest standards. It is made from top-grade materials that are safe for swimmers and the

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